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Dec 11 - Dec 17















A unique concept, designed for those who prefer privacy when they train, are unsure about re-entering a commercial gym environment, or simply want access to thousands of pounds worth of top of the range equipment, without having to find the money and space for a home gym. Our studio comprises a 7m x 4m space, and is kitted out like your dream home gym. Available to use in 1 hour time slots on a pay as you go basis, or via a monthly subscription, this is your ticket to the training space you have always wanted. In addition to a toilet and a changing space, we boast some of the finest equipment in the area, and cater to specialists and the every day gym goer alike. Below is listed the key equipment available, but there is much more on offer!

  • Concept 2 Rowing Machine

  • Soft Plyometric Box 30x24x20"

  • Hard Plyometric Box 

  • Fixed Squat Rack and Pull-Up Station

  • Bench

  • Wide Range of Speciality Barbells

  • Competition Standard Olympic Barbell

  • Competition Standard Olympic Weightlifting Plates 0.5-25kg

  • Steel Powerlifting Plates 0.5-25kg

  • Full Range Of Dumbbells 2.5-50kg

  • Full Range of Kettlebells 4-40kg

  • Full Mobility Kit

  • Grip Training Equipment

  • Medicine and Slam Balls

  • Bands and Chains

  • Belts

  • Much more!

A single hour will be trialled at £8, with monthly subscriptions available for £45 per month, which will allow up to twenty 1 hour slots per month. To begin with, we will only be accepting a maximum of 6 members on this plan, with certain hours of availability. These are available to view below. Future considerations will include out of hours access and increasing availability, should the need arise. 

Please note that all sessions and dates are subject to change pending further government announcements. If the roadmap out of lockdown continues as planned, sessions will be available to book from 12th April. Please do not purchase subscriptions prior to this being confirmed, as refunds cannot be made. 

All those who book the space must undertake an induction prior to their first use. This will only last 5 minutes, and will be at the start of the first booked session.

A shower is available to use, however it will not be available after the last session of the day. 

Please be aware many sessions run back to back, and equipment must be cleaned and the space vacated on time to allow the next client their full time slot.

Further details will be released once we have confirmation of dates.