Why do we incorporate strength cycles?

When we start as relative beginners in CrossFit, many of us have come from a sporting background but our strength numbers can be what hold us back. If we are serious about improving as athletes and living well as we grow older it’s pivotal that we develop to become stronger. Here at GTF strength is a huge part of what we do under the guidance and programming of our head coach.

We still do conditioning, of course, but also spend a lot of time lifting – be it squatting, deadlifts, OLY lifting (think snatch and clean and jerk) – and so many more! We work in linear strength and training cycles to allow time for the body to adapt and build as we work at volumes that progress over time.

It is beyond important that strength cycles are followed for maximum benefit so getting into the gym regularly, following the programming and percentages accurately (we see you rounding up to go that little bit heavier…you haven’t fooled us!!) is key. Hitting the big lifts and getting in that accessory work is the only way to focus on those strength weaknesses in a cleverly put together programme that is sure to benefit each and every one of you.

You will notice that when you hit those conditioning pieces, that classic ‘CrossFit’ stuff will feel that much easier, you will move a barbell faster and with more efficiency and your body will be able to cope more optimally under load. Your gymnastics will improve because of greater all-round strength…the benefits are truly almost endless!

The bottom line – trust the process, trust the programme, work on those weaknesses. Strength is the foundation for EVERYTHING, it must be prioritised.

Just one of the things we do to build all-round better and more physically and mentally prepared humans here at GTF.

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