Let's Get Geeky - Biomechanics for CrossFit - Part 1

Knowledge of biomechanics is key for the understanding of the way we, as humans, move, particularly for us in relation to the training that we do in the gym.

The term biomechanics relates to the way that the different components of our muscular and skeletal systems move together to create movement within our bodies – this understanding can aid you in the gym with moving safely and moving well and ultimately an elevated training performance.

In this mini-series of blogs coming up we will cover the basics of anatomy and movement patterns that we regularly move through in the gym and how we can relate these to optimising our performance.

Today, let’s talk about a little anatomy basics to lay the foundation for the knowledge coming in the weeks ahead. Here goes…

· To create movement our muscles must be attached to our bones by both ligaments and tendons.

· A muscle has an origin (most of the closest point that it attaches to the midline of the body) and an insertion (the other end, if you like) – the insertion is often the more mobile end of the two.

· Virtually everything that we do requires more than one muscle to move at a time, however, the muscle that is primarily responsible for a movement is known as the agonist or prime mover with the opposing muscle being the antagonist.

Are we following? Good.

· When we move, the antagonist muscle involved works to provide stabilisation, almost putting a break on the movement – a physiological response to avoid injury of the joints.

Agonists, antagonists…any more confusing words for us? Yes, actually…sorry!!

· A synergist is the name given to a muscle when it assists the agonist in the movement being produced – without them the agonist would often be ineffective. They can also provide a little control when we move.

All beginning to make a little sense – hope so! Any questions, as always, you know where we are.

Now we have gone through some basic anatomical functions with regards to human movement, next time we will look a little around levers and planes of motion. Until then, stay healthy!

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