It’s a simple enough word, that most people understand. defines it as: “including or encompassing the stated limit or extremes in consideration or account” I like to believe that our inclusive setting is one of the great things that sets our gym apart from the standard gym setting. The vast majority of us have, at some point, walked into a gym, feeling a little self conscious, and been intimidated by an overly muscular guy, probably wearing headphones, staring at himself aggressively in the mirror. Much more than this, I’ve actually avoided the exercise I was planning on doing because he was blocking the route to the dumbbells. Silly right? Well maybe, but it’s a lot more common than you might think. So that said, what is it that leads us to these insecurities? You might immediately be drawn to your lack of knowledge or experience as a factor. You’d probably be right, but what should you do? Asking someone probably isn’t an option. After all, people can all of a sudden seem very cold and unwelcoming when we’re in the gym. Maybe ask someone who works there? The trouble here is they’re most often hiding behind the reception desk, or worse still, working out themselves and staring aggressively at people, as if to assert some sort of gym dominance. Ok, so I might be highlighting the worst cases here, but they are certainly very real! Truth be told, I’ve had a friendly nod or two in gyms, even, on occasion, the odd friendly word, but I’m not exaggerating when I say these occurrences are few and far between.

Take a step back from the conventional gym setting, and into our box. The setting itself may appear a little austere in the gym, although much less so in the studio, but the equipment is fit for purpose and conducive to effective and enjoyable training. Once you look past the hardened steel structures and weights, you’ll see a diverse group of people. Herein lies our first secret; we have members from 16-60 years old, of pretty much every conceivable body type and fitness level, all with different jobs, hobbies and social backgrounds. Why is this important? You won’t stand out. Nobody will look at you oddly, and you won’t be an outcast. Quite the opposite in fact, and this brings us neatly on to our next secret: Friendliness. Our members don’t wear headphones, though they may grunt occasionally. There aren’t any mirrors for them to stare aggressively into. Instead, they’ll probably say hello, and then introduce themselves. You see, just like in the real world, being a decent person extends into the gym, and our customers all seem to buy into this naturally. So whether you nervously step into the nice warm yoga studio for the first time, or whether you enter the box, mid-workout with the music blaring, I’d bet you’ll still get a friendly hello.

This all sounds pretty nice, but none of it will help you feel any more like you know what you’re doing. Well fear not. Our existing members are great at giving a few hints and tips, but beyond that, our team of coaches are always on hand to teach you everything you need to know, regardless of how difficult it may appear at first. This not only helps you feel more confident about what you’re doing, but also makes it much safer and helps remove the fear of injury, or simply embarrassment! Whatever your ability, experience or even medical condition, our coaches won’t see it as a negative, more as a chance to coach yet another unique person. They’ll make sure you’re moving well, coached when you need it, and they’ll help you adapt movements to meet your needs.

To us then, inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword or the theme of a poster, it’s at the very heart of what we do. Whilst what we do might not be for everyone, it most certainly is for anyone!

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