How do we stay motivated over winter?

Coming towards the end of what has been a turbulent year for many there appears to be lots of people lacking in motivation as we go into the festive period, more so than when we came out of the last ‘lockdown’. It is common at this time of the year anyway but I think the health issues and state of the world as it is, is still rumbling on.

Motivation is fleeting, it isn’t something that can be relied upon to achieve your goals - we see it every year when January rolls around. We feel super motivated to achieve what we meant to achieve all of last year, then a couple of weeks in when it’s cold and everyone is feeling a little flat we start to miss those training sessions, partake in a few too many nutrient void ‘treats’ or not undertake the tasks that we need to do in order to progress in any area that we have goals, be that health, fitness, careers, anything.

So, what can we do about it? How can we keep that momentum over the next couple of weeks to keep moving well even when it feels tough?

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself - moving a little is better than not at all

  • Just start - commit to a 5 minute warm up, that’s all. You’ll likely find that once you’ve warmed up it makes sense to get the rest of the session done.

  • Remember that you can’t wait around for motivation - just get it done, you know how much better you will feel for it afterwards. You will only make yourself feel more guilty and increase those funky feelings if you sit around. It WILL change your mood, that dopamine and endorphin release will come!

  • Give yourself a little reward if you get it done - I’m not talking eating an entire selection box here, even just telling yourself that once you’re done you’re going to sit for 10 minutes with a coffee in your favourite mug could be enough.

  • Just think about how proud you will feel when you are done - you got it done and put in your best effort when others didn’t.

  • Rest and relax when you need to!! Your body might be telling you that it is ready to rest and that is okay - know how to differentiate this from being lazy and giving yourself an excuse though.

  • Get it done first thing in the morning - it’s out the way then and you won’t find yourself 3 mulled wines deep with a session still to do.

  • Remember you don’t need long to get a good workout - we have all done sessions in the gym less than 10 minutes long and felt like we need a week to recover!

  • Sleep well, hydrate well and eat well around enjoying the more indulgent times at this time of year!

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