20 Day Nutrition Challenge

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Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the challenge ends.


Let's take this opportunity to really dial in to our nutrition and wider lifestyle choices, these are beyond important if you want to become as fit and healthy as you can be both inside and outside the gym. Within the challenge you will find a daily habit checklist, the idea being that you must tick off everything on the list, when you have, you mark it as completed and DO NOT break the chain - the challenge is to get these done each and every day. We are looking to create healthy habits and lifestyle change as opposed to crash diets and quick fix solutions, which is research proven to be far more effective in the long-term! There will be regular nutrition and lifestyle tips issued on social media pages, Anna will be on hand to help work out any nutrition or protein targets if anyone would like a little help. Your 'personal challenge' on the checklist relates to something that you, individually, would like to work on - Anna can also assist with some goal setting here if you'd like! We'd love to encourage you all to share your journey along the 20 days and beyond with the rest of the group sharing hints, tips, recipes, difficulties, asking questions - we want to hear it all so we can help you! That's what we're here for after all! We are looking to focus on food QUALITY above everything - think more 'whole foods', less of the processed stuff, more vitamins, minerals and nutrients - you can forget that McDs discount flying about!


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