Tom Hunt

Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3) British Weightlifting L2


It might be that you want what our classes offer; improved health and fitness, but you prefer to target it in a one to one session, where you can benefit from individualised coaching, and an approach tailored to suit you. This could be as an individual, or as a pair. Your options don't stop at general health and fitness. Our trainers can help you work towards specific goals across a wide range of disciplines, and will write and deliver the programme you need to achieve them!

Our trainer will be led by your goals, writing the programme to suit, and will look to develop individual areas that require attention, whilst keeping you on track and providing valuable feedback. Anything from 3 sessions per week to improve general fitness, to chasing specific and advanced goals over 5 or 6 days per week, and beyond. We have a wide range of options we can tailor to your needs.



Nutrition is a minefield, and a lot of the information available can be confusing, and even contradictory. Our qualified nutrition coach will help you analyse your diet, give advice on what to tweak, and help you adjust to meet you goals and fuel your priorities. Whether you prefer to check in for your thirty minute catch up every week, orevery other week, we have a payment plan to fit your budget and goals.

Just like with our in person coaching, our remote options will see you complete a food diary, and get guided through analysing your intake, the effects foods have on your mood and training, and you'll be given advice to tailor your nutrition to meet your goals. The difference? You will check in via video call, every week, or every two weeks, to keep you accountable, and moving in the right direction!



Gym owners have to masters of it all! From health and safety, to customer management, best practice coaching to developing employees and building a culture. One of the best things to outsource, is your programming! We have been programming athletes and gyms for over 5 years, and can meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you want a classic CrossFit programme, underlying strength, gymnastic or endurance biases, or you have something more specific in mind, our Head Coach Tom can bring his wealth of experience and array of qualifications together to write a programme that your members will find fun and effective! Whether you just want a programme, you want warm-ups and cool-downs included, scaling options given, or full blown lesson plans and coaches notes for full classes, we have a pricing plan and content option that will suit your situation. 



Our seminars are called the Coach's Eye series. We have the flagship 'Principles' seminar, which digs into the foundation of coaching and programming movement, the science on which it is based, and takes a look at how to effectively coach a wide range of clients. 

For those looking to dive a little deeper, or enhance their coaching practice, we have the 'Gymnastics for Fitness' 'Aerobic Training' and 'Wider Health' seminars. Each of these explores the specifics of certain aspects of coaching fitness, and all provide the coach with a toolkit to take away ad use when developing the fitness of clients.

Whether you have attended any of our seminars or not, this programme could help your practice in real time, and on a regular basis. A service that offers simple answers to questions you have throughout your working week. Imagine you are writing a programme and are stuck as to how to get your athlete to move from banded pull-ups, which have become too easy, to full pull-ups, which they cannot quite manage. Maybe your athlete consistently hits a wall 8 minutes into high intensity work, and you're not sure how to overcome this. Maybe your client has switched focus from just wanting health and weight loss, to now chasing a 5k run record, and you're not sure how to re-orientate their programme. The coach mentoring programme is open to all fitness professionals, and allows you to ask pretty much anything, and get a usable answer within 24 hours. 


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