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Georgie & Tom Fitness is centred on one main focus…movement. Everything we offer is built on movement from functional training in our CrossFit and Met Con classes to dynamic and mobility focused movements in our Yoga classes. We believe in and advocate total fitness including a sound base in nutrition, mobility and lifestyle. To ensure results across the board, we take a holistic approach to programme design, including mobility, lifestyle, nutrition, strength and aerobic conditioning. Whilst all of these will be covered in overview during our classes, a more detailed, bespoke service is always available through personal training with Georgie or Tom.

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Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Georgie Gabriel

Co-Owner of GT Fitness;

Personal Training / Yoga / Mobility / Metabolic Conditioning / Crossfit


From a background in Contemporary Dance, Yoga, Crossfit  and other outdoor sports such as Surfing and Snowboarding, I have a passion for movement and the outdoors.

We were born movers, unfortunately our lifestyles have lead us in such a way that movement becomes very restricted,  we no longer have desire to use our bodies for what was intended. It is time to stop abusing the most important tool we have and find out what it is capable of. 


I believe in motivating people to lead healthier lives by moving well, eating better and learning a little more self love.  I love to coach and learn about each individual client, such as their movement patterns and If they have any movement restrictions.  I help teach my clients how to condition themselves and maintain a healthy body and mind set.   My focus is on helping people to achieve their goals but also importantly improve their mobility and daily function.  My job satisfaction comes from my client’s feedback, especially when I see they have built confidence in themselves, feel great in their skin and create new healthy habits. It is even more satisfying when I see these clients inspire others with their progress as well as build happier healthier families. 

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Tom Hunt

Co-Owner of GT Fitness;

Personal Training / Crossfit / Metabolic Conditioning / Mobility


Having served for 13 years in the British Army, and having competed in a wide variety of sports throughout my teens, I have a range of experience across many different forms of training. Having found CrossFit whilst struggling with being overweight and unfit, I used it as a means to transform my lifestyle and my fitness.


I believe in well rounded fitness, balancing strength with aerobic conditioning and full body control. The endless combinations of metabolic conditioning, weightlifting and gymnastic movements available, provides me with the opportunity to train clients in a fun, challenging, varied manner whilst achieving results that go beyond the physical. I believe that fitness transcends the gym, and its positive impact spills over into every aspect of life, and that we should use our fitness whenever possible.