Bespoke Training Options

For various people, a one to one training option is preferred, either as an approach in its own right, or to compliment group training, or as a strength and conditioning element to the sports training they get elsewhere. Regardless of your circumstances, or goals, we can pair you with a trainer who is best placed to help you realise and work towards your goals, as broad or as specific as they might be.

If any of our personal training options are of interest to you, please call 01889 623728 or email to arrange a free consultation, where we can discuss your goals, and arrange for a suitable trainer for you to work with.



Strength and Conditioning for Sport

Whether you’re a team sports player, martial artist, athlete or an endurance competitor, we can help you better prepare you body for the tests of your sport. Our one to one coaching will be programmed specifically to the needs of your sport, and will work around your existing sporting and external commitments. From one session per week, to an inclusive 4 day per week programme, we can tailor options to suit.

If you’re not able to get to us for your training, but want a programme to hold you accountable, and that adjusts to your progress and needs, we have you covered too! Our remote coaching options are built around you, and can even include video analysis and nutrition coaching if required.


Skill Development

If you’re happy with your current classes as a fitness solution, but feel like you would benefit from some one to one focus to help you grasp and develop skills, then this is the solution for you. Our trainers all have a wide variety of drills and techniques to help you refine your skills, and turn them into strengths you look forward to testing.

Whether it’s the Olympic lifts, skipping, or the confusing aspects of gymnastics that you’re looking to improve, you will be partnered with a trainer who will focus on getting you that elusive movement for the first time, or improving your efficiency to allow you to benefit even more from your workouts.


Individual Coaching

It might be that you want what our classes offer; improved health and fitness, but you prefer to target it in a one to one session, where you can benefit from individualised coaching, and an approach tailored to suit you. This could be as an individual, or as a pair. Our trainer will be led by your goals, writing the programme to suit, and will look to develop individual areas that require attention, whilst keeping you on track and providing valuable feedback. The trainer you work with will also be able to give you guidance and advice on your nutrition, lifestyle and other factors affecting your health.

Movement and mobility.jpg

Movement and Mobility

Maybe your range of motion is holding you back? If you struggle to get into the right position to perform day to day tasks, or if a lack of mobility is restricting your ability to train properly, then some dedicated time going through exercises to help you, along with advice for a routine to follow at home, could be just the solution you’re looking for.

This change of pace will allow you to focus on the areas that need it most, and whether for sport, training, or life in general, the results will soon show themselves after the trainer you’re working with writes and delivers a bespoke programme.