GTF Running Club


Our specialist class to work on YOUR running!

A bit like other running clubs, we run! Unlike others, we teach you how to run, we use skills and drills to build this into patterns. We teach you different ways to breathe for different situations. We teach you how to hold your posture, and the benefits this can have. Why do we do all of this? Because it works for everyone, especially those who find running hard, it reduces injuries and it increases enjoyment! That’s right, learning to run properly can take it from a chore you hate, to a hobby you look forward to!

Our coaches

Adam is an Ironman finisher, Ragnar Relay Ultra finisher, and a keen endurance athlete. He has a keen eye for form, and employs the same methods he teaches regularly in his own training to great effect!

Tom is a multiple Ultra Marathon finisher and endurance coach, with a particular interest in breathing and mechanics, with which he has experimented both personally and with clients for the last few years.

A typical session

We always start with a warm-up that includes breathing preparation and physical preparation. Once this is done, we will either work on some techniques and drills, or start working sets with prescribed breathing. After this, we move into the main body of the session, with either sets, or a single distance to run, with an aim, a purpose, and a way to approach the session for maximum benefit, all outlined by your coach!