GT Fitness Movement Video - The Push Press

- Full grip just outside shoulders.
- Feet Hip Width.
- Elbows in front of the bar.
- Core braced.
- Dip with weight in heels.
- Keep shoulders back above hips.
- Drive to an extension.
- Head moves out of bar path.
- Shoulders take over pressing as the bar passes face.
- Elbows extend with the bar over the centre of the body.
- Head through to neutral position.
- Finish with ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists all aligned.

GT Fitness Movement Video - The Box Squat

- Test the box height by checking the hip crease sits level or just below the top of the knees.
- Hands in the medium to wide position on the bar.
- From a partial squat, lift the bar from the rack.
- Walk back until the heels align with the front of the box.
- Spread your feet to a sumo-like stance and sit back onto the box. 
- On the box, the knees should sit above the ankles.
- Core remains tight with the hips engaged, glutes and legs relaxed with the feet planted. 
- Torso stays back with the weight in the heels.
- The hips open rapidly to extension.
- After the last rep, return the feet to hip width apart.
- Walk the bar into the rack, squat down until weight is in the J-pegs.

GT Fitness Movement Video - Toes To Bar

- Jump to a hang with hands just outside shoulders.
- Tighten the core, squeeze the glutes.
- Draw the feet backward pull back on the bar.
- From the arched position, push down on the bar to swing to hollow.
- Use the force of the kip to raise the toes to the bar.
- Contact the bar with both feet between hands.
- Keep head neutral throughout.
- Pull the feet down from the bar, driving them back to return to an arch.

GT Fitness Movement Video - Bar Muscle Up

- Jump to a hang with hands just outside shoulders
- Initiate a kip at the shoulder
- Alternate between hollow and arch
- At the peak of the hollow, snap hips to bar
- With straight arms, pull bar down to floor
- As elbows pass bar height, lean torso forward to catch in partial dip
- Extend elbows to finish above bar in extension 


- Lay flat on a bench, feet flat on the floor, shoulder blades pulled back into bench.
- Start with the bar at extension, directly above the shoulders.
- Keeping the upper arms vertical, hinge at the elbow to lower the bar to the forehead.
- As the bar approaches the forehead, extend the arms, keeping the upper arms vertical.
- Keep the elbows tucked in throughout the movement.
- Without pausing at the top, return to the start position.
- As the forearms contact the inner thighs, sharply reverse direction to begin the next swing.

GT Fitness Movement Video - Handstand Push Up

- Kick up to a handstand against the wall.
- Hands just outside shoulders.
- Tight core, body in a straight line.
- Lower the top of the head to the floor. 
- Head should be in front of hands, forearms upright.
- Draw the knees towards the chest.
- Kick sharply upwards, before instantly pressing  through the shoulders.
- Lock the elbows out, push the head through to neutral.

GT Fitness Movement Video - STRICT PULL UP

- Take a grip just outside the shoulders on a pull-up bar
- With the thumbs around the bar, activate the lats
- Squeeze the butt and feet together, tighten the core to form a hollow position
- From this position, engage the lats and begin to pull
- Maintain a hollow body and neutral head through the pull.
- With a neutral head, reach the chin over the bar.
- Return to the start position, maintaining a hollow body.

GT Fitness Movement Video - The Push Up

- Start with the body planked, arms locked out, shoulders above wrists.
- Load the shoulders, moving forward to initiate.
- Keep forearms upright, lower chest to floor.
- Press through the hands.
- Return the shoulders to above the wrists, elbows locked out.
- Remain aligned through the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders throughout.
- Press through the thoracic spine at extension.


- Jump to a hang with hands just outside shoulder width.
- Adopt a hollow, active hang.
- Initiate the kip with the shoulders, alternating between hollow and arch positions.
- As the body becomes weightless on the backswing, pull towards the bar.
- Pull until the chin breaks the line of the bar with a neutral head position. Click for more information.

GT Fitness Movement Video - The Power Clean

- Hook Grip just outside shoulder width. 
- Feet under hips, slight outward turn. 
- Knees pulled apart. 
- Back Flat, core braced. 
- Shoulders in advance of the bar.


- Place the feet just outside the middle of the ball.
- With a flat back, straight arms and fingers pointed down, use the palms to grip the sides of the ball.
- Driving through the legs, stand, extending the hips and shrugging the shoulders.
- Pull the body down into a squat, whilst releasing and rotating the hands.
- Re-catch the ball in the bottom of the squat with elbows under wrists, ball in front of face.
- Stand to extension.


- Place the back flat on the floor, laying on a sit-up mate
- Place the soles of the feet together, heels pulled to groin and splay the knees.
- Keeping a neutral spine, sit-up until the shoulder passes the hip
- Still with a neutral spine, lay down until the shoulder blades make contact with the floor.

GT Fitness Movement Video - Handstand Walk

- Kick up to a handstand, looking slightly ahead of the hands.
- Brace the core and allow the heels to lead slightly.
- Transfer the weight to the standing shoulder, lifting the opposite hand.

- Place the raised hand down, transferring the weight into it.

GT Fitness Movement Video - The Deadlift

- Set up with feet under hips, and a shoulder width grip.
- With the bar against the shins, have the hips between knee and shoulder height
- With a neutral spine, shoulders should be in front of the bar, arms straight.
- Drive the feet into the floor, lifting the bar straight up to the knee
- Without stopping, open the hips to extension
- At extension, shoulders are behind the bar, ankles, knees hips and shoulders in line.


- With a narrow grip, lift the bar to an upright position, bar at the waist.
- Brace the core, feet under the hips.
- Pull the bar upwards towards the chin.
- Keep the elbows above the bar, and the bar close to the body.
- Row until the hands reach the collarbone.
- Without pausing at the top, return to the start position.


- Laying flat on your back, press the kettlebell to extension above the shoulder.
- Fix gaze on the kettlebell, and leave there throughout the entire movement.
- Click for more information…

GT Fitness Movement Video - Box Jump

- Start with the feet in the jumping position, under the hips.
- Standing a short distance from the box, dip, whilst swinging the arms back.
- Rapidly extend the hips, swinging the arms forward.
- As you leave the floor, tuck the knees to land on the box in a partial squat.
- After cushioning the landing, stand to extension.
- Step down from the box to repeat.
- As the forearms contact the inner thighs, sharply reverse direction to begin the next swing.


- Set the rings to chest height, and spread them to shoulder width.
- Take an overhand grip, lay back until the arms are extended and the body is hollow.
- Initiate the pull by retracting the shoulder blades.
- Pull until the chest touches the rings, keeping a hollow body.
- Return to the bottom, arms extended, shoulders still active.

GTFitness Movement Video - Wall Ball Squat

- Start stood at extensions with the ball held in front of the face.
- Squat until the hip crease passes below the top of the knee.
- Drive through the heels to stand to an extension.
- As the hips extend, throw the ball to the target.
- Remain at extension, catching the ball as it returns from the target.
- Return the ball to the front of the face ready to begin the next repetition


- Start with the bar in the front rack, but with a full grip on the bar.
- Start with the bar at extension, directly above the shoulders.
- Send the hips back and down, keeping the weight in the heels.
- Squat until the hip crease passes below the top of the knee.
- Reverse direction, standing hard.
- As the hips and knees extend the bar begins to rise.
- The shoulders and arms take over and continue pressing.
- Finish with the arms extended, bar over the centre of the body, and the rib cage down.

GT Fitness Movement Video - The Floor Press

- Feet flat on the floor, core braced, shoulder blades pulled back.
- Bring the bar out above the centre of the chest.
- Lower the bar towards the chest until the upper arms touch the floor.
- Elbows should be in tight and directly under the wrists.
- Drive the bar upwards to extension, elbows locked out.
- At extension, keep the shoulders pulled down into the floor.

GT Fitness Movement Video - The Couch Stretch

- Place shin vertically against the wall.
- Bring butt to heel and square the hips.
- Use the free leg to support the position.
- Bring torso as upright as possible.
- Stop when the stretch is felt through the hip and thigh.

GT Fitness Movement Video - Kettlebell Swing - Stand with the feet shoulder width, at extension, holding the bell with both hands
- Keeping the forearms touching the inner thighs, hinge at the hips, keeping the knees above the ankles.
- Keeping a neutral spine, rapidly extend the hips, projecting the kettlebell upward.
- Control the swing up to eye level.
- Keep the shoulder blades retracted, allow the elbows to bend slightly.
- As the bell begins to fall, hinge forward at the hip again, absorbing the force.
- As the forearms contact the inner thighs, sharply reverse direction to begin the next swing.