Yoga - How it is not just a physical practise to me. 

Yoga with Georgina Gabriel - How it is not just a physical practise to me. 

Yoga at GT Fitness

What is Yoga to me?

To me Yoga is a way of life. Not only does it make you more aware of your body and breath within a class but also outside of a class. 

Yoga isn’t being able to balance on your head, as cool and as fun as that is. Yoga is allowing yourself to accept all that you are, accept where you are right now and live in the present body, mind and moment. 

The physical Yoga practise is just as much practise and work for the mind as the body. You learn about your body, you escape things that are external to the practise (stress and strains of everyday life) and that helps you become present. 

Yoga will get you strong, fit, flexible and mobile but there is so much more in the fact that not only does the body become strong but the mind also. You find yourself letting things go that do not serve you, people, past, pressure of the future and you start to accept and love yourself. 


If for now you are enjoying practising Yoga or thinking about trying it but you just enjoy the physical aspect and playful side that’s totally fine. I firmly believe you should take what you want from each practise with no pressure and no judgement. 

Here are a couple of things that have had a great impact on my life:

The Asanas (postures) teach you a lot about yourself in body and in spirit. The poses we avoid, the ones we want to escape from and move past quickly are the ones we need the most. This teaches us outside of the practice that perhaps the situations and experiences we escape are in fact the very things we need to face and overcome. 

The breath (pranayama) teaches us to slow down and listen to ourselves. We often rush around all day either at work or just within the nature of our busy lives especially since society is so driven by social media these days. Breathing and being aware of your breath will help concentrate the mind. Being more aware will help you to become more present within yourself. Learning to breathe with movement will become a part of everyday life, whether that is in the gym, the supermarket or perhaps in in a difficult situation. You will begin to feel more connected with yourself, those around you and the external world. 

My practise:

Yoga is a constant journey. I have been teaching for 4 years and still I feel I know so little. Yoga as a practise is humbling and teaches you to be okay with where you are on your journey right now. Every day is a lesson, every practice is a lesson, every class I teach is a lesson. This is something that I love about Yoga. 

When I started practising Yoga in Byron Bay Australia 10 years ago I was only interested in the physical practice and the benefits my body would be exposed to. As the years go on I feel closer, more connected and more intrigued by the benefits Yoga has had on my state of mind. Like many I have had struggles in the past unfortunately including trauma, the stresses of struggling with past body dysmorphia along with the inability to love myself for who I was. This is not who I am now. Since then the stresses of building a business and the fear of failure have occasionally sucked me in. This is something my practise helps me with greatly. 

Most of us struggle with some form of mental health as some point in our lives, perhaps anxiety or depression but being aware of it and not being embarrassed to admit it take a great deal of courage. Yoga helps me to be okay with who I am. 

I can honestly say that without Yoga I would not be where I am now. Each day I feel grateful. For everything that my body lets me do I feel love and self acceptance. The connection I have built with my mind and body as well as with the whole universe/ external world is so great that I have built an incredible amount of strength. I have learnt to let go of certain situations or people as through Yoga I am able to identify the energy I want in my life. This was something that took a long time to accept. 

What drives me:

As a teacher my passion is to help other people see and feel the the benefits of Yoga as I have. Daily I witness and come in to contact with individuals who are highly stressed, run down from busy lifestyles or are experiencing or dealing with mental health. Life is stressful and we spend so much time focusing on what we are not happy with perhaps being our image, our work, our relationships that we forget to love ourselves and appreciate the things we are happy for. There is so much depth to this practise and I have seen people completely turn their lives around. 

It was always my dream to have a Yoga studio and being able to bring my practise in to the lives of others makes me truly happy. 

Yoga makes me grateful for today and so excited for the lessons ahead. If I can pass on to others my knowledge and help to fill their lives with more happiness, self love and gratitude then I couldn’t ask for much more from life. 

What is Yoga at GT Fitness:

If you haven’t experienced Yoga down at GT Fitness yet then come and try our range of classes. My advice for a newbie to Yoga is:

Take what you want from the class. If you struggle to let go of the million odd things buzzing around in your mind then its okay. Likewise if you can’t touch your toes it doesn’t mean you aren’t worthy of the practice. 

There is no such thing as being good or bad at Yoga.

Remember it is a practice and therefore you must practice, it won’t change your life in one class. 

Do not expect everyone else there to be super bendy and able to fold in half. 

Don’t even compare yourself with anyone else in the class. Stay focused on your body and your breath. There is zero competition in Yoga.

Connecting your movement and breath takes time and practice, it won’t all come at once.

Most importantly its okay to laugh, fall out of a pose, and its absolutely okay to lie down at any point that you feel you need to rest. 

Namaste, with love ️G.